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GSM Home Alarm System

The company is a prominent Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer and Supplier of GSM Home Alarm System based in Delhi, India. Our Home Alarm System is heavily relied upon by customers and has garnered appreciation for its smooth functioning and less maintenance requirement. Buyers can acquire the GSM Home Alarm System from us at pocket-friendly rates.

Product Code : KA GSMA-13


Specification :

Wireless GSM intelligent anti-theft electronic alarm system is an innovative wireless mobile intelligent warner integrating GSM digital signal processing techniques and imported STC microprocessor, and a variety of technologies including digital voice announcer, SMS, learning code pairing, etc. In addition, this alarm system is highly automatic, giving automatic voice or SMS alert in the event of emergency without intensive manual settings required. Features of stability, reliability, safety, and humanizing control enable it to be widely used for alert in shops, convenience stores, offices, villa as well as residential communities.

Advantages of LMS3 GSM Alarm

  • Claimed the most cost-effective GSM Alarm solution for home and small office use.
  • Newly released in 2010 with enhancements to shortcoming of old models.
  • Supported 4 types of defense zones: 1 - General; 2 - At-Home; 3 - Intelligent; 4 - Emergency; 5 - Disable;
  • Zones of sensors be assigned manually by user-friendly button.Other GSM Alarm may only be automatically assigned and users a bit more work to change.
  • More User-friendly. e.g. use landline phone for configuration (not only SMS), clear indicators and audible signal so you know the response of panel.
  • Support 6 groups of phone number calling and 3 groups of SMS phone.
  • Support 6 wireless alarm zones and 4 wired alarm zones.
  • select to calling or SMS or both alert modes.
  • Support both 2262 and 1527 chipsets.
  • Use Learning Coding method for learning the sensors
  • Support GSM network 900, 1800, widest coverage from Asia, to Europe.
  • Real-time voice monitoring
  • Customizable SMS messageing
  • Boot-up Self-Test with clear design indication signals e.g. power light flickering means GSM signal weak or not found.
  • Calling and SMS are set separately so you decide whether you want both or just be notified silently by SMS.
  • Silent be selected to be ON or OFF.
  • Delay alarm is supported.
  • Scheduled alarm is supported.
  • Power off/on SMS notification available.
  • Support remote dial-in to arm and disarm alarm.
  • List of Major Functions:
  • 4 wired guard areas and 6 wireless guard areas
  • 6 voice phones and 3 message phones
  • 1 normally open/closed signal output
  • Telephone (mobile phone) remote control programming
  • 10-second ISD automatic message recording
  • Built-in artificial intelligent digital voice announcer
  • Built-in artificial intelligent Chinese message
  • Alarm locking memory and information clear for easy checking
  • Enabling guard while going out, enabling guard at home, and enabling guard by remote control
  • Wireless intelligent learning encoding and convenient additional accessories
  • Mobile phone (telephone) enabling guard, disabling guard and monitoring by remote control
  • Real-time, delay, all day, bypass guard area
  • The warning tone of guard enabling and disabling operations by remote control be set.
  • E2PROM information protection protect the information from loss after powering off
  • AC and DC dual use are available for 24-hours-a-day normal guard
  • Main unit tamper-resistant and low-voltage detecting function conforms to the 3Csafety standards.


Operating Voltage 12v dc
Built-in Built-in Rechargeable backup battery
Working Temperature 20 to 86 c
GSM Network Supported gsm 900, 1800
Frequency 315 mhz
Wireless distance 100m
Wireless zones supported 6 zones (of many wireless detectors)
Wired zones supported 4 zones (more with proper wiring)
Voice call phone number 6
Sms phone number 3